Everything you need to know about CaféInk, here it is

Do you ask yourself lots of questions about your future tattoo ? Find the answer directly in our special FAQ about tattoos.

The price of a tattoo differs from various types of factors depending on the graphic style, the body region, the size of the tattoo and which artist will do it.  For a cost estimate, click here 

If you wish to get informations about our prices, send us the details of your project and we will get back to you quickly. For a cost estimate, click here

At the CaféInk, we offer two options depending on your tattoo’s design. For a small tattoo for which you’re in possession of a visual design with very little modifications to bring, it’s not necessary to take an appointment … You just need to come from Monday to Saturday, from 12 o’clock to 6.30 pm, a tattoo artist is always available to do small tattoos.

For a tattoo that needs a graphic creation beforehand and / or for bigger tattoos, you have to take an appointment. To take an appointment, you just need to come by our shop.

There are two kinds of situations :

  1.  If you want to talk with a tattoo artist to make up your mind before : YES
  2. To get tattoed : NO

We don ‘t take appointments by phone because it’s essential for us to validate certain aspects of your morphology.  Moreover, we systematically require a deposit (30% to 50% of the estimated quote) to reserve a session ( or meeting ? ) because impostors are too numerous and we can’t afford to lose time with people who are not serious.

Lots of theories exist but none is a 100% reliable. Pain is a personal question and it’s better not to ask yourself this kind of question because answers you will get will be imprecise and the risk is to be surprised on D-day. For those who would like to get informations about this subject anyway, the Web offers many answers more or less accurate that you are free to decrypt . However, it may reassure you to know that if getting tattooed was that much painful, not so many people would do it.

Here again, there are many types of schools and many protocols are adequate. At CaféInk, we provide you all the recommendations that you need for the aftercare at the end of your first session. First of all, you must know that a healthy lifestyle and a proper corporal hygiene is important.

In general, it takes from 4 to 6 weeks but everything depends on the size of the tattoo, the colors used, your state of health, and / or your hygiene.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no ! At the CaféInk, we ask you to make your tattoo be checked in a limit time of 1 to 3 months. If any need of a correction, it will be for free.

In France, the legal age is 18 years old but as long as your parents give you their consent, there is no age limit. At the CaféInk, we don’t accept tattooing minors under 17 years old, even with the agreement of your parents.

Of course, you can get a tattoo during the summer. However, it’s strongly advised not to get sunburnt during the healing.

A small tattoo can be removed by a dermatologist equipped with a laser. However, this technic is expensive and painful. At the CaféInk, as well as in many tattoo shops across the world, we suggest you the alternative choice of a «cover » that consists in making a new tattoo over the one you don’t like anymore. In English, this technic is called « Scars tattoo cover-up »

In general yes, but it will be determined by the nature of your scar and by its age. At the CaféInk, we systematically ask for a medical advice before you engage in this decision.

Colors as well as the black color are fade resistant. However, you must be conscious that the skin pigmentation, a proper hydration, its contrast and its brightness may change them.

Your tattoo ages just like you.
Your tattoo must be protected just like your skin from agressions such as the sunshine, tobacco, alcohol …
Take good care of yourself and your tattoo will stay in a pretty good shape.

We highly recommend you not to put any anaesthetic cream before a tattooing session because it would have an effect on the skin’s firmness and so, consequently, it twill have an impact on the way pigments penetrate your skin. Furthermore, be aware that anaesthetic creams can only be used by the medical profession.

At the CaféInk, we do make tattoos on hands and fingers but we remind you that these parts of the body tend to age prematurely. Understand that it will fade over time.

Of course yes, at the CaféInk we have plenty of room to greet all of your friends ! For obvious hygiene reasons and for the attention of the tattoo artist, only one person will be allowed to accompany you in the stall where your tattoo will be painted. The other members of your tribe will be welcome to wait for you at the cafeteria of our shop.

For CaféInk (in general, a deposit), credit card and cash only (no cheque). For the tattoo artist, only cash because they don’t have any machine for credit cards.