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Piercing of the nipple

The nipple piercing crosses the nipple horizontally, passing below or in the middle according to its prominence.
Nowadays, it is from the 70s that the nipple piercing is back in fashion with Jim Ward, a Hollywood piercer. The current democratization of nipple piercing is done thanks to the celebrities and the
models who wear them (Lenny Kravitz for example). There are several derivatives and variants of nipple piercings, which are the vertical nipple piercing, diagonally or the double nipple piercing
(forming a cross, one passing over the other). The pain of piercing nipple is rather intense, you feel the needle go ! We then feel a small pain each time for a few days when we breathe and so stretch
the skin.

Healing time of the piercing nipple: 2 to 4 months.
Types of jewelery for piercing nipple: Straight barbell, ring or exclusive piercing for the nipple with patterns or ornaments that surround the halo of the nipple. Titanium piercings are often used to prevent rejection and for better tolerance.