Piercing of the navel

The navel piercing vertically crosses the upper edge of the navel. It has no particular origin except in ancient Egypt ...

The navel piercing is back in fashion thanks to the pop culture (Britney Spears has a navel piercing), but also thanks to the clip "Crying" of the group Aerosmith (we see the navel piercing of Alicia Silverstone), or again thanks to the American supermodel Christy Turlington who also wears a navel piercing. It is now one of the most popular piercings among young people and especially girls. The healing of the navel piercing can go very fast (as in the earlobe) or can cause complications and rejections like a surface piercing. Friction and handling should be avoided during healing. There are some derivatives and variants of navel piercing. One is the inverted navel piercing, which runs through the lower edge of the navel, others are combinations of many piercings at the navel (usually 2 to 4) that form a triangle or a kind of cross, for example.

Healing time of the navel piercing: 2 to 6 months up to 1 year.
Types of jewelry for navel piercing: Curved Barbell (banana piercing) in 1.6mm or ring.