Piercing Ear & cartilage

Discover the many possibilities of piercing ears and cartilage ... Although ear piercings seem ordinary, we must not neglect the healing process and we must be careful to meet the deadline before changing jewelry. Indeed, these piercings are mostly cartilage piercings and can therefore create complications such as keloids (chewy growth of the skin around the piercing) or irritation. Rejections are still very rare as for the ears, except for the Rook piercing because it tends to fall naturally down because of its location. It is also recommended not to play with the jewelry of cartilage piercings, even when healed because the cartilage is fragile and hurts fairly quickly. Of course, you should never do a pistol piercing, except the earlobe. The pistol can have a high risk of infection and breaks cartilage into micro-cracks because of the brutal shock it causes during the act.