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Do you have many questions about your future piercing? Find the answer directly in our special piercing FAQ.

The price of a piercing usually varies depending on the body area chosen. At CaféInk® our rates are as follows :

  • Earlobe: 8.00 € for 1 / 16.00 € the 2
  • Classic piercings (cartilage, nose, arch, navel, tongue, septum, bridge, lip contour ...): 35.00 €
  • Microdermal & flat bar: 50.00 €
  • Genitals (Men & Women): 85.00 €

At CaféInk® we greet you from Monday to Saturday without an appointment, except for intimate piercings where it is best to take an appointment.

There are many theories but none is 100% reliable. The pain is unique to each of us and it is better not to ask such questions because the answers you will be given will not be accurate and you may be surprised when the time comes. For those who still want to have an info on this topic, the Web is full of information more or less exact that it is up to you to decrypt. However, do not worry because if the piercing was so painful that there would not be so many people pierced …

Again, there are several types of schools and several protocols are appropriate. At CaféInk® we will give you the care instructions at the end of your piercing. Know that first of all, a helthy lifestyle and a good hygiene are essential.

There is no rule either ... At Caféink® we do not recommend stations that are prolonged in the water while you heal. Understand by prolonged station that it is not necessary that your piercing is immersed too long in the water. Poking a head to cool off and come out quickly is not considered a prolonged resort. However after a quick swim we strongly advise you to clean your piercing as indicated in the care protocol that was given to you the day of the realization of your piercing at CaféInk®.

Piercings, whatever they are, will require several months before being totally healed. Once again this information is communicated to you as an indication because the healing of the piercings differ
according to several factors :

● Your age and your state of health
● The area that is pierced
● The application or not of the recommendations indicated above
● The type of care provided (follow our care instructions)

At CaféInk®, when we practice piercing we ask you a specific jewel that promotes healing. It should be kept the time necessary for healing. We advise you to change only your jewel before complete
healing. The table below shows the recommendations of the CaféInk®.

In France the legal age is 18 years old but as soon as your parents give their consent there is no age limit. At the Caféink® we do not accept minors under 15 years old even with the agreement of the
parents except for the earlobes, we agree to pierce children from 7 years old but only if they express the desire.

Given the many constraints of healing, the maturity of the candidates is essential and individuals too young can not demonstrate.

At CaféInk® we attach a lot of importance to hygiene and make every effort to accompany you throughout your healing. However, when you do a piercing you do not buy a finished product ...

  •  WE perform your piercing in strict hygienic conditions with a sterile and biocompatible jewel, according to the regulations.
  •  YOU do everything necessary to heal by observing the instructions we have given you.

As commonplace as it may seem, a piercing is a wound at high risk of infection and many complications can occur during the healing (budding scarring, keloid, inflammation ...). If you have any doubt, ask us for an advice. As we can’t watch over each of our clients to ensure that they scrupulously respect the instructions they have committed to observe, we will systematically decline our responsibility in case of infectious problems or any other incident. Indeed, we are not responsible for the lack of hygiene or seriousness of some of our customers.

2 cases are possible :

  1. If you are pierced for several years and your piercing begins to annoy you, then you can remove it during the time of your pregnancy, You’ll juste have to put it back in place after your pregnancy.
  2. If you have been pierced recently, you will need to replace your jewel with a special pregnancy jewel that will leave the space necessary for your pregnancy.

In any case, we are at your disposal to give you the best informations.

Yes, but only if you remove the jewel before !

At CaféInk® we do not recommend doing more than 2 piercings at a time. Indeed the healing of a piercing imposes on your body important efforts to carry out its healing. As a result, the risk of complications will be proportional to the number of piercings performed.

If you want to please a loved one by offering a piercing, know that at CaféInk® we offer gift cards that you credit the amount. For that, you just have to come to the shop.

At CaféInk® you can pay your piercing by credit card and cash only. Due to obvious risks of fraud, we don’t accept cheques.