A piercing is the result of a subcutaneous break in which a jewel is introduced. The presence of this jewel will have a direct impact on the healing of this perforation. Without this jewel, the wound caused by the passage of the needle would heal very quickly. In the case of a piercing, the jewel which is a foreign body prevents the tissues to heal normally and quickly. It will take time to your body to reproduce a ‘second skin’ between the jewel and the injured tissues. When your body has done this healing work, your piercing will be naturally protected and won’t need any particular attention anymore except wearing biocompatible jewelry to avoid allergies.

The healing varies according to many factors :

  • Your age and your state of health
  • The breakthrough area
  • The application or not of the recommendations indicated above
  • The type of care provided (follow our care instructions)

During healing you will need to :

  • Have a healthy lifestyle, good body / mouth hygiene and avoid stress (Body and buccal piercings)
  • Not touch your piercing without first washing your hands (Body and buccal piercings)
  • Not to remove it until the complete healing (Body and oral piercings)
  • For at least 1 month: no prolonged contact with water: sea, swimming pool, bath, hammam, sauna (Body Piercings)
  • For two months: Avoid all contact with cosmetics such as makeup, creams ... (Body Piercings)
  • For 15 days: do not consume alcohol, cigarettes or drugs (oral piercings)
  • Avoid shocks and friction on your piercing (Body and buccal piercings)
  • Don’t change your jewel alone before the end of healing (Body and buccal piercings)